Donation drive - #IIUMAlumni batch 1992–1996

19 May 2024 - The recent donation drive that was initiated by our #IIUMAlumni batch 1992–1996 has successfully collected a total of RM16,000 infaq for our alumni, Br. Mohd Faisal Bin Abdullah @ Chor (AIKOL 1997).
A group of our alumni brothers, represented by Br. Aqbal Shiffuddin Bin Adnan Sallehudin (AIKOL 1997), Br. Mohd Zahir Abd Raof, Br. Tuan Hj Hashim Bin Ibrahim (AIKOL 1996), Br. Haji Yassir Azlin Bin Abdul Ghafar (KIRKHS 1996), Br. Haji Azra Bin Kamarudin (AIKOL 1996), and Br. Aznorashiq Bin Mohamed Zin (KENMS 1998, 2004), handed over the accumulated funds to Br. Mohd Faisal at his home in Sg Petani, Kedah, yesterday.
The #IIUMAlumni batch 1992-1996 would like to thank those that have contributed to this donation drive, which are among IIUM 92-96 donors, Group Sisters UIA, Group SMAP, Group Ola Bola UIA, and individuals from IIUM Alumni. Not to forget appreciation for the representatives of the UIA Sisters Group, which was represented by Madam Hajah Nuraini.
The Alumni Relations Division prays that Allah SWT will give Br. Faisal Bin Abdullah courage and fortitude for the recovery of his health.
-Photos are courtesy of Br. Aznorashiq Bin Mohamed Zin (KENMS 1998, 2004)