Kejohanan 4 Penjuru Lagenda UIAM 2024

”Kejohanan 4 Penjuru Lagenda UIAM 2024”
The IIUM Alumni football team from the 4 Legends (Batch 1996-2003) is making its reunion in IIUM Gombak!
The reunion from the former IIUM League players will be featuring teams like Azzurri, Gremio, Bilal, and Helloween & Super Friends, sounds like a fantastic blast from the past! Each team likely has its own story, filled with memorable matches, players, and moments that fans would love to reminisce about. It would be interesting to see how these teams have evolved over the years, both in terms of playing style and roster changes. Don't forget to join us because hosting this event could bring together former players, coaches, and fans, creating a nostalgic atmosphere and sparking conversations about the golden era of football during that time.
Plus, this event will be contributing to the IIUM Alumni Scholarship and Financial Assistance (ALSAFA) and it could be a great opportunity to raise funds for charity while supporting our love and support for football.
Meet you there!